Classic Musicals that Made Broadway Famous

Broadway musicals have been around since the 20′s with classics like “Showboat” and later in the 30′s with shows like “Guys and Dolls”. Songs from those productions have become a part of the American songbook and reflect what was happening in the country at the time. After World War II, the Golden Age of Broadway produced memorable musicals like “Oklahoma”, “Hello Dolly” and “South Pacific”.

In more recent times, a number of plays stand out for creativity and their impact on society. “Hair” took a broad step away from cutesy lyrics and dance numbers Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Plays on Broadway Then and Now

When it comes to Broadway, we all have our favorite shows, but the truth is that the most popular Broadway shows of all time might surprise you. They are all shows that are still running, and you will find that it is entirely possible to see them simply on a whim.

The most popular Broadway show of all time is the Phantom of the Opera, which features the tormented love of a sinister figure for a beautiful Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Ten Greatest Broadway Plays

Broadway in New York City contains 40 theaters with 500 or more seats. Broadway shows sold tickets worth 1.01 billion in 2012, and twelve million people attended a Broadway Play in that year. Here’s a list of the ten best.

10 – Chicago – Two celebrities sing, dance and connive to get out of a murder rap.

9 – Rent – A musical telling the story of poor artists.

8 – Hairspray – This musical won six Tony’s. It’s about racial tensions.

7 – Chorus Line – Seventeen dancers audition for eight spots and sing about it.

6 – The Producers – Won 12 Tony’s. Two crook Read the rest of this entry »

Movies-Turned Broadway Shows

If you haven’t noticed there has been a slew of great hit movies turned Broadway Showshere are a few of our favorites! Keep an eye out for their original films on the channels you got through yourDirect tv packages then buy a ticket to the show!
Spiderman – The Broadway show got more than its fair share of attention last year due to a series of unfortunate mishaps during production but it’s actually a great movie as well as series of sequels. With Spiderman 3 in the works for later in the year you can’t lose.
Sister Act – Whoopie Goldberg’s classic star-making vehicle has recently been transformed into a Broadway show. It’s got all the glitter and glamour you’d expect from the movie and it’s action packed enough for even the non-play lover in your life!
The Lion King – Perhaps one of the most talked-about shows on Broadway for the last decade, The Lion King was once an animated classic and now one of the longest running shows on the stage – what can’t this Disney Juggernaut do? It’s hard to say.

The Story of Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber mined timeless themes in his 1986 production of The Phantom of the Opera. Love can and does cross over to obsession. The heroine is a plucky understudy with much more depth and soul than those in the limelight. The bad guy might actually have a good heart if only we would look beyond appearances. Toss in killer music, lyrics and staging, and you have the longest-running Broadway musical and most financially successful Broadway show in history.

The Phantom of the Opera musical is based on the 1911 French novel Le Fantome Read the rest of this entry »

The History of the Broadway Theater

The Broadway Theater (which is named after the famous street in Manhattan) dates all the way back to the 1700′s. Many people visit New York City just to see the unique actors, one of a kind sets, and dazzling costumes that Broadway shows are known for.
The theater actually opened as B.S. Moss’s colony, a film house that introduced America to Mickey Mouse. The theater has been in the business of live show’s since the 1950′s. Some of Broadway’s longest running plays are “Cats”, “Les Miserables”, and “Phantom of the Opera”. Read the rest of this entry »

The Impact of Broadway Plays on American Culture

In the early and mid 20th century American theater had more influence on culture than it does today. In that period of time the general public was more familiar with theater; whether it was a Broadway play or a lively musical, the popularity of the theater was thriving. That is not to say that on any given Friday or Saturday night people are not lined up on in New York to see a production of Cats or Phantom of the Opera. They are. Certain plays and musicals never fall out of Read the rest of this entry »

How CATS Came to the Stage?

CATS is a very popular if no the most popular Broadway show. CATS is a musical that is based on the Old Possum-s Book of Practical Cats by T.S Elliot. Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the musical which made its debut in 1981 and then hit Broadway in 1982. For those of you who like Broadway shows CATS is a must see.
Before CATS made its first debut a lot of preparation went into making the show perfect. The Read the rest of this entry »